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Welcome to the UK Toyohari Association

Toyohari, subtle style of Japanese Acupuncture


Toyohari practitioners use non-insertive and specialised needle techniques, unique to this acupuncture style. The treatment is therefore very gentle and non-invasive. Since the treatment is pain free and non-invasive, it is particularly suited to children as well as anyone who is wary of needles.


A specific characteristic of Toyohari is its focus on gently influencing the flow of the Qi (often translated as vital energy) using these delicate techniques. Diagnostic methods that assess the state of Qi throughout the body enable the practitioner to develop a tailor-made treatment plan suitable for each patient’s particular needs.


The policies of the Toyohari Association (based in Japan) ensure that Toyohari acupuncture remains a dynamic and relevant living tradition through continuous re-examination and re-evaluation of its diagnostic and treatment techniques.


Through the global Toyohari network of regular branch meetings, international workshops and training, this continuing process ensures that practitioners maintain a high standard of skills and clinical practice.

Are you interested in training in Toyohari?

The next Toyohari training programme will commence in January 2021 in Reading. The 120 hour programme will take place at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM), over eight weekends spread across a nine month period; concluding in October 2021.

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