Toyohari Treatment

Treatment with Toyohari

As with most acupuncture treatments, the practitioner will need to conduct a full diagnosis, firstly by asking about your medical history, lifestyle and symptoms. You will then be asked to lie on a treatment couch, (usually fully clothed) so that the practitioner can assess subtle signs of imbalance in your body by gently touching your legs, arms, neck, abdomen and wrist pulses. This system of diagnosis allows the practitioner to find the correct fundamental imbalance in the person’s body – this is known as finding the sho (pattern). It is important to correct this before addressing any specific symptoms, because if the correct sho is treated then the results are expected to be more effective and longer lasting. This is what makes this treatment completely different to the sort of acupuncture you might receive in a pain clinic for example, where most often only the symptoms are treated.

There are some obvious differences between Toyohari and other styles of acupuncture practice. Patients are most likely to notice that the Toyohari approach is more gentle and the practitioner’s touch and needling techniques feel lighter and less invasive. In addition to very fine needles a variety of metal tools may be used to touch, tap or stroke the skin surface. Moxibustion is often an important part of the treatment.

A Toyohari treatment can take anywhere between fifteen minutes and one hour, depending on each person’s needs and is normally a very pleasant, relaxing experience.

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